Atlas REKORD WHITE | cement-based mortar for finishing wall and ceiling surfaces (1-10 mm)

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Atlas Rekord white, a cement-based mortar, smooths the surface of walls – the use of aggregate with a diameter of 0.2 mm makes it possible to obtain a very smooth surface. Enables smoothing the thin-coat structural plasters – laid on either traditional plasters or on thermal insulation layers (is not an element of thermal insulation systems). Improves the quality of damaged cement-based and cement-lime plastersand of concrete substrates.

  • for finishing walls and ceilings
  • for typical mineral substrates; cement and cement-lime plasters, concrete, appropriately prepared gypsum substrates
  • contains fine aggregate – up to 0,2 mm
  • strengthened with microfibres
  • compressive strength: 3.5 ÷ 7.5 N/mm²
  • layer thickness: 1 - 10 mm


  • White colour – based on white, fine type of cement, perfectly replaces gypsum finishing coats in places where they can be exposed to damage - on external walls and in wet rooms.
  • Resistant to micro-cracks – it contains special microfibres additionally reinforcing its structure.
  • Contains hydrophobic agents – they reduce the absorbing capacity of the mortar but do not limit its vapour permeability.


The average consumption is ca. 1.5 kg of mix / 1 m² / 1 mm of layer thickness.


Paper bags: 25 kg
Pallet: 1050 kg in 25 kg bags

(DE) Technische Daten (rekord_td_de.pdf, 120 Kb) [Download]

(EN) Technical Data (rekord_td_ed.pdf, 235 Kb) [Download]

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