Cellular concrete thin-layer adhesive mortar white

100,00 kr / 25 kg inc. VAT, excl. shipping
(80,00 kr excl. VAT and shipping)
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  • Very good adhesion to concrete blocks
  • Easy to prepare
  • Rapid durability increase
  • Used in side connection systems
  • Long processing time


Stir the bag contents of 6-6.5 liters of pure water using a stirrer. After 5 minutes mix it again. Mortar prepared in this way is ready to use for about 4 hours. In case of partially binded mortar with water, it is unacceptable to mix it with water again. Ready-to-use mortar cannot be mixed with water or other dry mortar to change its consistency. The mortar should be applied on the cellular concrete blocks with a special trowel fitted to wall thickness or with the appropriate notched trowel. During mortar application it is essential to be aware that its surface on the blocks should be flat. Do not use in the traditional brickwork. The outdoor temperature at the time of application of the mortar should not be higher than 50 ˚ C. The mortar should be protected from direct sunlight and wind.


From one 25kg bag it is possible to get 18l of ready to use mortar.


Blocket Förbrukning
115 mm 1,2 kg/m²
175 mm 1,8 kg/m²
240 mm 2,4 kg/m²
300 mm 3,0 kg/m²
365 mm 3,6 kg/m²
420 mm 4,2 kg/m²
480 mm 4,8 kg/m²


ab 75,00 kr inc. VAT, excl. shipping (60,00 kr excl. VAT and shipping)

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