VELUX vs SkyLight and OptiLight. Quality comparison.

A lot of customers questions mainly concern SkyLight roof windows: Are they comparable to VELUX? VELUX is still a synonym of the highest quality windows, which is also reflected in their price. Is it right to judge only according to this criterion? This clarifies that SkyLight obviously cannot have the same quality. But, is it really so? How should the two cheap brands of roof windows made of plastic - SkyLight and OptiLight - be judged on the basis of quality? To do this, you need to get to know a manufacturer.

Roof window SkyLight at a reasonable price

SkyLight windows are manufactured by Skyfens, a Polish manufacturer of plastic windows that started production in 2000. The company wanted to focus on plastic roof windows that would fit in the low-price segment. To be able to guarantee this, they use already existing technology - common in the plastic facade windows. In this way, the time-consuming and costly acquisition of additional production systems can be minimized. Technology used in PVC frame and steel reinforcement  inside it, ensuree that those windows are relatively massive and therefore have very good stability and robustness. Only in the field of "window fittings" Skyfens had to find a different solution than the one that exists in PVC vertical windows; no further investment was necessary, which could ultimately be reflected in the price. The manufacturer also decided to not invest in production of the additional accessories (there are although other suppliers, that offer basic accessories for SkyLight windows - such as blachout blinds and awning blinds). Thank's to that Skyfens was able to keep the prices low. Another cost factor is always the marketing. SkyLight refrains from doing this and trusts retailers to place the product on the market and the price itself speaks for the product and increases sales accordingly. This strategy works quite well.


When it comes to SkyLight windows cheap doesn't mean poor quality. The brand stands for plastic windows that have a very good ratio between price and quality. So if you are looking for skylights at a reasonable price (where is no alternative for other types of glass or custom-made products) and fact that there are only limited quantity of accessories that would fit to that window is acceptable for you, Skylight windows are good choice for you. Ten-year warranty and the ability to send spare parts (even if the waiting time is a bit long sometimes) also increases the security that the service life of the skylight is planned for a long time.

Roof window OptiLight at a reasonable price

Optilight windows are being produced by the company named Kronmat, which is a subsidiary of FAKRO. OptiLight windows are basically a response of FAKRO to the increasing demand for cheaper roof windows. Even though FAKRO itself is the world's second largest manufacturer of roof windows, the company is interested in taking some part of cheaper windows market. OptiLight had a bit wider offer from the beginning than SkyLight. In addition to the plastic windows (Optilight TLP) there are also wooden windows (OptiLight B), with permanent ventilation (OptiLight VB) and even - very atypical in the cheap segment - a top-hung skylight (OptiLight VK). The production is of course based on FAKRO technology, for example the plastic roof windows TLP are almost identical to the PTP model of FAKRO, with only a few differences. But those who buy an OptiLight window basically buy FAKRO quality at much lower price. In addition to the price, these windows have another, very big advantage: They are designed in such way that a lot of FAKRO accessories, such as the ARF blackout blind or AMZ awning blind, can also be mounted on the OptiLight windows. Of course, not all products of FAKRO are kompatible with OptiLight and sometimes they are not the cheapest, but the most important thing is that customer an choose between many products to find the perfect one. Thanks to that you can adjust window look to your interior design. Also the manufacturer does not run marketing, which makes the total production costs lower.


In terms of price, OptiLight is a really interesting product and at the same time it's quality is very good. A big experience and FAKRO technology go with OptiLight. There is also a wide range of accessories that may not be available at as good a price as the windows themselves, but if you save money on skylights then buying only accessories is not such a big cost.
Lower price is possible to obtain, because no special requests are taken by Kronmat - they sell only products and sizes available in the standard offer. To compare - well-known manufacturers such as VELUX, FAKRO or Roto invest a lot to offer as wide range of products as possible and they meet all customers' needs. That causes the costs, but customer can be sure that there's a lot really well designed products to find. A cheap manufacturer can not - and doesn't want to - do that. Strategy of such compans is actually about selling as cheaply as possible. A cheap manufacturer will achieve this in the long term only if the quality of the product is at least satisfactory, otherwise his product will not be able to last long. Our previous customer reviews confirm quite clearly that a good price and good quality go hand in hand when it comes to both SkyLight and OptiLight



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