Wooden or PVC roof window?


Those who want to install or replace a roof window today are faced with a very wide range of products. Do you prefer a classic pivot-hung window, or a top-hung window to have a better view? Which glass is better (with better U-values, sound insulation, burglary proof)? In addition, there is a large range of accessories for mounting and a large number of different manufacturers of those accessories.

The most common question, however, is: is it better to buy wooden or plastic roof window?

The first plastic roof window was manufactured and installed in 1954. Recent developments in production technology have made plastic windows a great alternative for the consumers in terms of price. So it is not surprising that plastic windows have been choosen more often than wooden ones. But why really? Let us present a comparison:

First of all, it should be noted that both, wooden and plastic skylights are excellent products that offer everything that modern roof window presents today: energy efficiency, safety and sound insulation, modern design. When it comes to functionality, there are no differences between wooden and plastic windows. However, this may change in the future, as plastic still offers great potential for improvement due to its easy processing.


Although money should not be a major factor while buying building materials, our experience shows that many people do not (anymore?) want to invest large sums of money in roof windows. It is somehow not surprising that manufacturers have noticed such trend on the market and are taking advantage of this. Examples are the windows SkyLight (manufactured only in plastic) and OptiLight (in wood and plastic). Which is more expensive, a wooden window or a plastic one? If you look at the prices from different manufacturers and compare them, you can clearly see that PVC windows - with a few exceptions of course - are slightly more expensive, based purely on the purchase price. So if your budget isn't big, a wooden window is a better solution. If you prefer to think a little about the future and can or want to spend a little more money in advance, you should also note the following: Although it is possible to use a wooden window for a long time, it must be replaced earlier than the plastic one. We must not forget that the lower purchase price means a shorter period of use and in addition there are also costs for care and maintenance. If you put it all together, it turns out that plastic roof windows are significantly cheaper.

Maintainance after installation

Wood is a natural product and offers a number of advantages but also some serious disadvantages. Even if wooden windows are made of the best wood, if this is a top technology and a special coating protects the window and frame, wood reacts to meteorological factors such as temperature, humidity, winds, etc. Wood which absorbs the moisture from the air, begins to swell. After the moisture is released from the frame, due to the hot air, wood eventually shrinks again. This may cause wood damages and cracks. Also our houses became more sealed and due to the today's insulation technique, condensation occurs again and again not only on the window but also on the frame of the window, which can certainly speed up the process of wood destruction. In the end, it can lead to the window deformation and problems with opening and closing. In the worst case, it can also lead to leakage. You should not forget that wood is a perfect environment for mold and various bacteria. If you want to install a wooden window, you must be aware that this requires periodically recurring maintenance work - it must be sanded and painted once in a few years. It also requires a little more attention during use, e.g. when condensation creates. If you do not want to think about it, you should definitely choose a plastic window, which requires almost no maintenance and is also very easy to clean and maintain. There are also suitable cleaning agents that remove dirt and do not damage PCV. With wood, cleaning is not so easy. You must keep the wood dry. Especially in rooms where increased humidity can occur, e.g. bathroom or kitchen, each manufacturer recommends plastic windows or at least those covered with plastic or poliurethane.


It is believed, that wood looks "warmer and cozier" than plastic. Therefore it is chosen very often to classic, retro interiors. PVC windows looks more modern - in opinion of some customers. Definetaly white color of plastic fits to all types of interiors, wood - not necessary. Of course it is always a matter of individual prefferences. But it is good to take under the consideration, how the roof window will look in the room.


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