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V82 PVC window is perfect for those who seek for solid solutions. This series meets all the European standards. The system is characterized by a very good combination of energy-saving and high-functionality properties. Multi-chamber frame with triple sealing system ensure efficient thermal insulation which is used only in high-end solutions. Narrower installation depth makes the system ideal for the use in renovation of already insulated buildings. Special galvanized steel reinforcements in sashes and frames guarantee durability and solidness. Both triple glazing with warm between-glass frame ensure warmth and sound insulation.

Plastic windows are very easy to maintain and moisture resistant. They can be used many years without necessity of care and maintenance. Furthermore wide range of colors allows to adjust window's design to your interior. There are a lot of wooden covers available, which meets preset design trends. There's also a possibility of producing two-color window - different on the inside and outside, which is a very common solution. External color fits to the facade and interior to the walls or doors inside the house.


  • VEKA V82, PVC,  7-chamber frame with a central gasket and 6-chamber sash with a width of 82 mm, A-class profiles, heat transfer coefficient Uf=1,0 W/m2K,
  • multi-bent galvanized steel inside the profile - makes the window solid and stable,
  • Thickness of profile's edges in the highest quality standard EN 12608 A-class (A-class window profiles have the thickness of outside edges of at least 3mm and the width of the inside chambers of over 5mm which guarantees high stability, low susceptibility and perfect parameters of acoustic insulation),
  • co-extrusion – dyed in special mass – the window's core is in the same color as outside cover - small scratches and damages won't be visible,
  • The profiles are available in range of colors and woodish veeners in standard: white, anthracite, winchester, dark grey silk, golden oak, dark oak, walnut, mahogany. Other colors - for special request.


  • in standard there's a tripple glazing 4-18-4-18-4 Ug=0,5 (EN673), but there's a possibility of choosing double glazing as well,

  • warm glazing inter frame Master therm which reduces the risk of vapour condensation on the glass inside the room and increases thermal insulation capacity of the whole window by up to 6%.
  • a hudge range of other types of glazing: ornamental, heat-proof, safe: laminated, tempered.
breaks and gives long, sharp parts

processed with controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength;

when broken, it shatters into small granular chunks instead of splintering into jagged shards

constructed of two layers of glass joined together with interlayer to form a permanent bond even when they break;

almost impossible to break


  • ROTO NT -  most respected German fittings manufacturer,
  • Secustic handle with four-step tilting mechanism in tilt and turn windows - allows adjusting opening to the current weather conditions,
  • Microventilation - allows for air-exchage without opening the window,
  • Two security hooks in each sash. PVC windows are known as less safe, so we decided to equip our products with double protections that impede burglary and lengthen the time needed for forcible entry. Therefore, such a solution increases the chance of stopping the thief and prevents the loss of goods.
  • Mechanism of 4-stage opening in TILT/TURN sashes (height of the window in the range from 1117 to 1716 mm). This solution allows to adjust unsealed windows to the prevailing weather conditions. Fresh air supply is a very important element, guaranteeing good health and well-being,
  • Blockade of incorrect position of the handle and tilt stabilizer - protects the hinges from damage,
  • 3 EPDM gasket set with middle gasket - do not break, are ozone-proof and very resistant to bending, scratching and pressing. Available in 3 colors.
  • possible openings:
    • standard:

* View from the inside

  • sliding door:


  • Other construction options:

...and many others. Contact us, send an inquiry and we will make windows exactly like you want.

Supplementary accessories:

  • window-sill, mounting bars, tailor-made external shutters,
  • round or triangular shapes,
  • safe house option: security sensors, anti-bulglar system, child protection system (handle with lock, tilt-first handle, etc.),
  • low treshold, air inlets, balcony lock, outside grips,
  • wide range of handles in different shapes, lengths and colors, it is the perfect complement for window frames.They are made from the best quality materials. Only proven technology it is used In their construction; it ensures a long-term comfort of their use. The mechanism is robust, while allowing for convenient control of the window without the use of force.
Secustik Handles model Swing
Swing Secustik, Titanium Swing Secustik, silver Swing Secustik, old Gold Swing Secustik, brown Swing Secustik, white Swing Secustik with key and button
Secustik Handles model Atlanta
Secustik Atlanta, titanium Secustik Atlanta, old gold Secustik Atlanta, brown Secustik Atlanta, white

Handles for sliding windows Patio Automatic
Patio Automatic Handle, white Patio Automatic Handle, brown Patio Automatic Handle, medium brown Patio Automatic Handle, silver Patio Automatic Handle with key,
Toulon handle Secustik
Secustik Toulon white Secustik Toulon black Secustik Toulonsilver
Secustik Toulonold gold
Secustik Toulon titanium l Toulon with key and for Patio and HST systems
  • PVC filling instead of glass and decorative glass. It is A perfect solution, to provide light into the interior while cut off from the rest of space. Application of this type of glass in a room, allows for varying degrees of light scatter and blur the contours of the image, guaranteeing the confidentiality of the persons residing. Due to the decorative value,ornamental glass, are perfectly suited as office space walls, railings elements or glass doors, giving the interior a of lightness and modernity.


Window U-value for window in size 1230 x 1480 mm :
0.77W / (m2·K)
Profile width:
82 mm
Number of chambers:
7 (frame), 6 (sash)

VELUX glazing technical data

Glazing (--51) (--61) (--64) (--70) (--68) (--66) (--62) (--62D) (--67) (--69) (--70Q) (--82) (--15)
Thermal transmittance
1.0 0.6 0.6 1.0 0.7 0.6 0.5 1.0 0.5 0.7 1.0 0.3 0.7
Amount of
1 2 2 1 2 2 2 1 2 2 1 4 2
Warm TGI spacer
Inert gas
filled panes
Argon Argon Argon Argon Argon Argon Krypton Krypton Krypton Argon Argon Krypton Argon
outer pane
Laminated opaque
inner pane
Safety class X X X P2A P2A P2A P2A P2A P2A P2A P4A P2A P2A
Ornamental X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Enhanced noise
Anti-dew effect X X X X X X X X X
Sound insulation
Rw (dB)
31 32 35 35 35 37 42 44 38 35 35 37 35

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