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Control system KUX 110 is for operation of an electrically operated VELUX blind on a manual roof window.

VELUX KUX allows to operate up to five VELUX INTEGRA products.

VELUX INTEGRA control for roof windows in your home:

This is a universal electric controller of the VELUX INTEGRA® system, which is used for remote operation of up to 5 different devices via a special remote control (control of one device). However, please note that if you wish to control more devices, you must use the KLR 200 control panel or the KLR 100 remote control.

The KUX 110 can control up to three products per window:

  • external blind or awning blind
  • internal  blind
  • motor for opening the window

Features of the VELUX INTEGRA® electric controller (KUX 110)

  • For remote operation of up to 5 VELUX INTEGRA® units
  • The maximum total length of the connecting cables is 20 m (cable 2 x 0.75 mm2) or 50 m (cable 2 x 1.5 mm2).

The set with the KUX 110 controller includes:

  • Controller dimension 94 x 94 x 44 mm with 230V power cable, plug and mounting bracket
  • Two AAA alkaline batteries
  • 8 m connection cable (2 x 0.75 mm2) incl. connection block

When selecting the number of KUX 110 controllers for optimal and comfortable use of electrical products, the following should be taken into account:

  • Number of all electrically controlled products
  • Arrangement of individual products in the rooms (selection of optimal control of specific products)
  • Arrangement of products on specific windows
  • The size of the house, i.e. the distance of the controllers from the products, as this affects the choice of cable cross-sections (cable 0-20 m 2×0.75 mm2 or 20-50 m 2×1.5 mm2). The length of all cables connecting the products to the controller must not exceed 50m.

Useful product control tips:

  • If operation of the products at the same time is required, each product must be controlled by a separate KUX 110
  • If several products are connected to one KUX 110 controller, they will operate sequentially (not simultaneously)
  • When controlling several products of different types, it is recommended to connect groups of the same products (max.5) to one, separately dedicated to the KUX controller product group
  • The arrangement of the products in one room gives the possibility to control a group of the same products from one keypad
  • If you wish to remotely control selected products, you must purchase the VELUX ACTIVE system.


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