Atlas Postar 80 | fast-efficient cement floor (10-80 mm)

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ATLAS POSTAR 80 - fast-setting, fast-drying cement-based floor (10 - 80 mm)

Subfloor or floor of 10 to 80 mm thickness - the layer thickness depends on the designed floor set.

Recommended for quick repairs - fast-setting - rapidly reaches the operating parameters, which makes it possible to shorten the technological intervals and accelerates the application of the next layers: foot traffic is allowed after 3 hours; tile fixing - just after 24 hours.

May be used as a subfloor for finishing flooring layers, such as: wooden floor (parquet) or epoxy screeds - it is characterised by high cohesion and high resistance to shear strength, which may occur in the screed contact layer plane, e.g. during expansion
and contraction of wood resulting from its humidity changes.

Forms a highly abrasion-resistant floor - recommended for residential buildings, warehouses, industrial buildings, driveways, terraces etc.

Suitable for the embedding of underfloor heating - it does not require additives improving flexibility and has a good thermal conductivity.

Enables to execute slopes and to repair of concrete surfaces, stairs, slabs, screeds.

The main characteristics

  • fast-drying – work can be continued after 24 hours
  • fast-setting - allows foot traffic after 3 hours
  • limited linear shrinkage
  • high compressive strength: >40 N/mm²
  • high cohesion, under parquets and epoxy screeds

The main parameters:

  • consumption: 20 kg /1 m² / 1 cm of thickness
  • layer thickness: 10-80 mm
  • compressive strength: min. 40 N/mm²

Types of finishing layers

  • ceramic and stone tiles, 
  • PVC flooring, 
  • carpet flooring, 
  • floor panels.

Types of possible arrangements

  • bonded floor - thickness 10 - 80 mm – substrate of good quality concrete, cement screed (with or without floor heating)
  • on separation layer - thickness 35 - 80 mm – when the substrate is of poor quality, not guaranteeing proper adhesion - dusty, cracked, oil soaked, dirty, very absorbable; the separation layer can consist of, e.g. PE foil 0.2 mm thick
  • floating - thickness 40 - 80 mm – installed onto thermal or acoustic insulation of: expanded polystyrene of proper hardness, floor hardened panels of mineral wool, etc.
  • heating – the layer thickness over the heating layer should be at least 35 mm


  • Fast-drying - the residual moisture content for subfloor thickness of 4 cm is reduced to less than 2.6% after 24 hours from application (in standard conditions)
  • Fast-setting - rapid strength development during the first day of setting.
  • Thick plasticity - the mortar is easy to spread, float and allows to reach even surface.
  • High compressive strength ≥ 40.0 N/mm2 - recommended for any surfaces subject to medium or high loads.
  • Flexural strength: ≥ 7.0 N/mm2.
  • Abrasion resistance ≤ 9.5 cm³/50 cm2 - according to Böhme (Technical Approval AT-15-8642/2010).
  • Very low linear contraction – minimum linear changes of the subfloor during drying (at 0.6 mm/rm) limit the possibility of cracking.
  • Changes in residual moisture content with time. The results were obtained at normal conditions at ca. 20°C and 55-60% humidity. Every time prior to the application of flooring materials it is necessary to perform humidity tests (CM method).


    Time/layer thickness 1.5 cm 4.0 cm 7.0 cm
    1 day 2.1% 2.6% 3.9%
    3 days 1.8% 2.2% 2.9%
    5 days 1.6% 1.8% 1.9%

    Technical requirements

    ATLAS POSTAR 80 has been given the ITB Technological Approval No. AT-15-8462/2010. Domestic Declaration of Conformity No. 099 of
    01.10.2010. It conforms to PN-EN 13813 standard. EC Declaration of Performance No. 099/CPR.

    CE PN-EN 13813:2003
    (EN 13813:2002)
    Rough floor compound based on cement CT-C40-F7, for indoor
    use in dry and wet rooms
    Reaction to fire - class A1fl
    Release of corrosive substances CT
    Compressive strength C40 (≥ 40.0 N/mm2)
    Flexural strength F7 (≥ 7.0 N/mm2)
    Abrasion resistance, water permeability, water vapour
    permeability, acoustic insulation, sound absorption,
    thermal resistance, chemical resistance

    The product has been given the Hygiene Evaluation and the Radiation Hygiene Certificate.


    The average material consumption is 20 kg of mortar for 1 m² for each 10 mm of layer thickness.


    Paper bags: 25 kg
    Pallet: 1050 kg in 25 kg bags

(EN) Technical Data (postar_80_te_en.pdf, 277 Kb) [Download]

(DE) Technische Daten (postar_80_td_de.pdf, 189 Kb) [Download]

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