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Looking for blind for DAKEA, DAKSTRA, RoofLite, BALIO, Solstro, Luminatec, LuXtra, Artens, Aron roof window? We will provide it!

Why roof window's accessories are important? Because they provide shade, light control, prevent from overheating and decorate your interior. It is important to choose perfect product, so that your attic will be really comfortable place. For bedroom it is good to choose blackout blind, which will shade the room even during the day. For living room or bathroom it is good to choose decorative blind - just to provide privacy. For rooms extremly exposed to sunlight the perfect choice is awning blind, that will stop the heat and make your interior cool during the summer.

White blind for FAKRO roof window
ab 580,26 kr inc. VAT, excl. shipping (464,21 kr excl. VAT and shipping)
✔ Manuall ✔ Light adjustment ✔ Blackout ✔ Decoration ✔ Privacy ✔ Bedroom ✔ Kids room ✔ FAKRO ✔ OptiLight ✔ Aron ✔ Artens
Blackout blind for a perfect sleep even during the day The roller blind is compatible with OptiLight, Aron and FAKRO roof windows Almost 100%...

Awning blind for OptiLight and FAKRO roof windows
ab 663,16 kr inc. VAT, excl. shipping (530,53 kr excl. VAT and shipping)
✔ Heat protection ✔ Privacy ✔ Bedroom ✔ Living room ✔ Kids room ✔ Home office ✔ FAKRO ✔ OptiLight ✔ Aron
The awning blind for OPTILIGHT and FAKRO roof windows: provides optimum protection from overheating while, at the same time providing a view to the...

Insect screen for roof window
ab 884,21 kr inc. VAT, excl. shipping (707,37 kr excl. VAT and shipping)
✔ Manuall ✔ Insect protection ✔ Living room ✔ Bathroom ✔ Kitchen ✔ Kids room ✔ Home office ✔ VELUX ✔ FAKRO ✔ Roto ✔ OptiLight ✔ Aron ✔ Artens ✔ Skylight ✔ Dakea ✔ Dakstra ✔ RoofLITE+ ✔ Solstro ✔ Luxtra ✔ Luminatec ✔ Balio
Insect screen for roof windows - reliable protection against insects Spring and summertime tempt us to open our windows more often and enjoy the warm...

Minimum quantity for "Insect screen for roof window" is 1.