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Façade thermal insulation ROCKWOOL FRONTROCK MAX E : mineralwool for external walls

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Minimum quantity for "Façade thermal insulation ROCKWOOL FRONTROCK MAX E : mineralwool for external walls" is 36.

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A dual-density rigid slab for external wall systems. Due to its high density top side, it can be used for thin coat systems, as well as also for thicker coat systems.

Rockwool Frontrock max E is a dual density slab for external wall systems with excellent thermal conductivity performance and high sound absorption. It can be used for rendering systems with all kind of finish coatings – light or heavy, thin or thicker. The advantage of Rockwool Frontrock max E compared with lamella is, that the outside surface, which is visibly marked, is highly compressed. While supported with mechanical fixings, Rockwool Frontrock max E can be suitable also for extremely heavy loads, such as appear to be various thicker coated rendering systems. Due to its excellent lambda value (0,036 W/mK), we achieve a 15% better U-value for the external wall, as if we were using the same insulation thickness of the standard EPS or mineral wool lamella.

Rockwool Frontrock max E is an excellent thermal insulator. It is not flamable when exposed to open flame and does not generate smoke nor burning droplets. It helps to prevent spread of fire. Rockwool Frontrock max E has also very good acoustic properties and helps to reduce the noise transmission from outside into the dwelling units. It is water repellent through the whole section and at the same time diffusion open for the vapour transmission.

Rockwool Frontrock max E slabs are being produced in dimension 1000 x 600. We deliver the product in packs, stacked on small format pallets, covered with PE plastic cover hood.

Technical Information
Fire Classification
(Euro Class)
Thermal Conductivity λD 0.036 W/mK
Length 1000
Width 600
Product Range
Thermal resistance
60 1.65 2.40 48.00
80 2.20 1.80 36.00
100 2.75 1.80 28.80
120 3.30 1.80 21.60
140 3.85 1.20 19.20
150 4.15 1.20 19.20
160 4.40 1.20 14.40
180 5.00 1.20 14.40
200 5.55 1.20 14.40
220 6.10 0.60 12.00
240 6.65 0.60 12.00
250 6.90 0.60 9.60
280 7.75 0.60 9.60
Thermal conductivity:
Fire resistance:
Euroclass A1



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