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IMPACT 80 MD | PVC windows

2.712,50 kr inc. VAT, excl. shipping
(2.170,00 kr excl. VAT and shipping)

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80mm Impact-system is high-quality and energy-saving technology at the best price, which can be even lower up to 30% than other PVC profiles!


  • facade of single and multi-family, public access, industrial buildings,
  • also for installation in passive and energy-efficient buildings.


  • Material: PVC | Polish brand Wital - durable, easy to clean, mechanically damage and moisture resistant,
  • Available in a full range of colors and wood imitation veneers: Winchester, Golden Oak, Walnut, Swamp Oak, Anthracite, Brushed Anthracite,
  • Width: 80 mm - Inside the frame there is a 2 mm closed steel profile and in the sash there is a 2 mm opened steel profile. This makes the window stable and firm,
  • The total height of the sash and frame is 113 mm - this makes the glass surface larger, which gives more light in the room,
  • 6 chambers and 3 gaskets - the combination of these two things provides high energy saving, tight windows and great thermal insulation value. Center gasket protects the hardware from water and wind,
  • Modern, elegant design thanks to straight, sharp edges of the profile.


  • in standard there is a triple glazing with U-value = 0.5 (m2 · K) with aluminum inter frame. Nowadays, this is one of the best U-values for the glass of the facade windows. It is similar to the wall insulation value. The customer can choose double-glazed window as an alternative.

  • there is an option of choosing other types of glasses:
    • patterned (see "Complementary accessories" below),
    • heat resistant,
    • safe glass: laminated, tempered.
breaks and gives long, sharp parts

processed with controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength;

when broken, it shatters into small granular chunks instead of splintering into jagged shards

constructed of two layers of glass joined together with interlayer to form a permanent bond even when they break;

almost impossible to break


  • hinges Siegenia Titan AF - one of the best hinges on the market; works reliably, eliminating the differences between the frame and sash distances. They adapt to the window, making it easier for use. No need for frequent services,


  • KoPiBo hinge roller - a patented roller that reacts to changes in the shape of profiles caused by temperature and sun. Makes use more convenient and easier. Even in really large windows, you do not need to put much effort into maneuvering



  • microventilation system - it allows air exchange even without opening the window,
  • the elegant design of the handles:

  • possible openings:

* View from the inside


  • Other construction options:

...and many others. Contact us, send an inquiry and we will make windows exactly like you want.

Complementary accessories:

  • safe house option: security sensors, anti-bulglar system, child protection system (handle with lock, tilt-first handle, etc.)
  • external shutters - tailor-made, perfectly compatible to window dimensions,
  • movable posts, muntin bars
  • when other than facade windows are needed - such as sliding door, HST, PSK - choose a different profile. You can find them here
  • PVC filling instead of glass and decorative glass:


Delta mat:

Rain brown:

Float mat:

Master Carre:

Silvit brown:


Chinchilla brown:




Niagara Mat:

Window U-value for window in size 1230 x 1480 mm :
0.83W / (m2·K)
Profile width:
80 mm
Number of chambers:
Sash shape:
  • Straight