FAKRO roof access roof light WLI

✔ Wood | clear lacquered
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The WLI roof access window is intended to be installed only in uninhabitable rooms where the inside and outside temperatures are similar. It provides fast, easy and safe access to the roof for maintenance and repair. Large dimensions facilitate usage and provide good lighting of the space.
The WLI roof access window is a side-hung window with the structure of a flap. It can be installed in such a way as to be opened to the right or to the left. The applied turn limiter holds the sash stable when opened and prevents it slamming shut accidentally. In the lower part of the roof access window there is installed a specially shaped profile which covers the frame and prevents slipping while getting onto the roof. The designed shutting system enables locking of the roof access window in three positions hence space ventilation is possible.


  • Frame manufactured from vacuum impregnated pine wood;
  • Sash made of aluminium profile with chamber structure along with 16mm thick glazing unit ensure proper rigidity;
  • Toughened pane with increased resistance to hail and mechanical impact;
  • Special handle enables locking the sash in three positions hence allowing space ventilation;
  • Suitable for roofs with pitches between 15 and 70 degrees;
  • Equipped with a universal flashing to match every roofing material;
  • Easy installation on trimmers. It also enables moving the roof access window during installation in horizontal position in order to better adjust it to the roofing material.

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  • Wood | clear lacquered