EPS Foundation Thermo+ (λ = 0,031)

✔ Thermal conductivity: 0.031
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THERMONIUM fundament PLUS boards have the parameters meeting the requirements of modern thermal insulation used in extreme conditions in which the product is in direct contact with water and for a long period of time exposed to a temperature change. The boards can have a direct contact with the ground and they do not require additional protection.

EPS technical data:

  • thickness - from 20-300 mm
  • length 1000 mm
  • width 500 mm
  • Bending strength level BS150 ≥ 150 kPa;
  • Compressive stress at 10% relative deformation CS ≥ 100 kPa
  • declared thermal conductivity ratio λD at a temperature of 10°C - 0,031 W/(m*K)
  • fire reaction class E
  • does not contain substances hermful to health and the environment
  • does not destroy the ozone layer, contains only permitted biocides
  • produced according to requirements of the standard EN 13163:2012

EPS application

  • thermal insulation of walls buried in the ground
  • thermal insulation of basement walls and foundations
  • insulation of very damp areas where the insulating material must be resistant to water.

How to install polystyrene boards

The EPS foam boards should be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, RTQ ITB 1261/2013 Technical and Quality Recommendations, and guidelines included in a construction design. After having been fixed to external walls, the EPS boards above the ground level should be immediately covered with an outer layer (reinforcing layer and plaster) and with a waterproofing layer (PE film or damp-proof coarse). EPS boards under the ground level should be covered with ground with the aim of protecting them against the direct influence of weather conditions (UV radiation), which have a destructive effect on EPS surface. In case of long-term exposure to atmospheric factors, the surface of boards can be covered with yellowish, thin covering. Therefore, before the reinforcing layer is applied by ETICS method, remove the covering with fine sandpaper until there are no loose particles on the surface which could weaken the adhesion to the polystyrene. To fix THERMONIUM fundament boards, use the polyurethane adhesive TO-KPS (together with mechanical fasteners except for the layers under the ground level) or TO-KS adhesive (only for boards above the ground level). To make the reinforcing layer, use the TO-KU universal, TO-KUB white adhesive and TO-S145 or SP-S170 meshes (adhesive and meshes only for boards above the ground). It is recommended to protect the boards by damp-proof coarse or similar acceptable for the contact with EPS under the ground level.

Package, storage, transportation of EPS

THERMONIUM fundament + boards are supplied only in the original manufacturer's packaging. The label on a package contains the following information: the name of a product, the manufacturer's name and a factory name, the date of production, EN 13163:2012 standard number, a code compatible with that standard, and declared technical features. TERMONIUM fundament boards should be protected against damaging and weather conditions.

Thermal resistance of foundation EPS

Thickness Thermo
mm m2K/W
10 0.25
20 0.55
30 0.85
40 1.10
50 1.40
60 1.70
70 2.00
80 2.25
90 2.55
100 2.85
110 3.10
120 3.40
130 3.70
140 4.00
150 4.25
160 4.55
170 4.85
180 5.10
190 5.40
200 5.70
Thermal conductivity:
Fire resistance:
Euroclass E



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