ELASTIK adhesive

Average consumption: 3,5 - 5,0 kg for 1m2, without cement

281,25 kr / 7kg inc. VAT, excl. shipping
(225,00 kr excl. VAT and shipping)

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It is a mortar ready for use, it is high elasticity, welding and it is applied for gluing all the outer and inner facings.


It is the glue intended for cementing facade tiles, concrete elements, glass-hollow tiles. It can be applied to any base such as: concrete, floor, gas concrete, plaster, cardboards, gypsum boards, chipboards, old facade tiles and corner surfaces (high damp): swimming pools, bathrooms.


The base must be dry, firm and suited for loading and isolate substances free. The old facade tiles should be checked if they keep firmly to the base before gluing onto them (by knocking). The lacquer and oil surfaces should be tarnished in 50% measure units. The easily soak surfaces ought to be grounded with ground beam.


ELASTIK is the glue ready for use. While gluing the new facade tiles on the old one and fastening the facings to the floor heating system, add 30% cement. Cement should be mixed with water. We mix the mass with Elastik glue (it guards again forming globules).


Spread the glue directly on the facade tiles (thin layer) using spatula (2 – 3 mm teeth base). It minimize consumption of glue and desiccations, especially in unfavourable conditions. The suitable temperature (while gluing) is between 5 – 25°C. It is necessary to avoid strong wind and sun. Spread the glue on the facade tiles and press a tile against a wall. All changes can be done within 15 min.


3,5 – 5 kg for 1m², at the average (without cement).


Storing period: 12 months. The glue should be protected from frost.

Interior stone

Exterior stone

Brick slips


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